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Atari Video Cable Kit (Chroma + Luma + Composite + Audio) - 800 XL XE
Replaces Original Atari Part # CX89

Specifications :
5 PIN Male Plug DIN (Atari) to RCA Female Jack (Composite Video),
RCA Male Plug (Chroma Video) and RCA Male Plug (Luma Video).
Comes with Free RCA Male Plug to RCA Male Plug Video Cable to connect to a modern TV.

Product Compatibility :
Atari 800 800XL 1200XL 65XE 130XE Home Computers

Typical Usage :
This cable is used to provide separate (split) video signals from the monitor port of your vintage Atari.

Function :
Typically used to connect to video monitors such as the Commodore monitors that have separate video inputs for Chroma (C), Luma (Y) and Composite signals (C+Y). Can also be used for S-Video with the addition of an S-Video adapter with Chroma and Luma inputs.

This cable comes with a removable / replaceable composite video patch cable so it can also be used with most modern TV's.

Here's some sample JPEG photos

Atari Chroma, Luma and Composite Video Cable Atari Video Cable Kit Atari Video Cable Chroma + Luma - Color Output Atari Video Cable Luma - Black and White Output

HTML Drawing :

Atari Split Chroma and Luma Video Cable Drawing


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